FKM otherwise called by brand name as Viton. This Viton is used in harsh environments, High temperature and harsh chemicals. Viton suited for applications requiring hard-wearing O-rings, and seals. have more durable and high performance FKM O rings seals, Viton gaskets can withstand a high temperature and simultaneously retains its good mechanical properties better than the most other elastomers.

Viton has good Oil and chemical resistance unaffected by elevated temperatures ranging from 204°C (400°F) to to 260°C (500°F).

Properties of FKM

  • Viton FKM withstands in a low temperature from -18° to -23°C
  • FKM has Excellent resistance to oils, fuels, lubricants, and most mineral acids
  • Good resistance to atmospheric oxidation, Sun and weather. Excellent resistance fungus & mold
  • Exceptional performance in oxygenated automotive fuels

General properties fo FKM Viton

  • Temp. Range, °C =0 / 325
  • Weather Resist = Excellent
  • Water Resistance = Excellent
  • Ozone Resistance = Excellent
  • Mineral Oil Resist= Excellent
  • Chemical Resist. = Excellent
  • Flame Resistance = Excellent